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The EE Experience

An inclusive, interactive musical experience that encourages participation from people of all abilities.

The EE Ensemble plays a variety of original and cover material that invites the audience

to sing, dance, and play along during the performance. 

We also include local guest performers and encourage vendor and musical collaborations.

Here are some of the parts of The EE Experience that make it so unique!


The Ensemble

Our 10 piece band facilitates the musical experience through a mix of original and cover material. Our band includes two guitars, piano, percussion, trumpet, trombone, saxophone, drums, bass, and vocalists.

Audience Participation.jpg

Audience Participation

We aim to blur the lines of separation between band and audience and invite you to sing, dance, and play along during the performance. We hope that you give it a try; don’t be shy!


Sensory Space

For anyone who may need to step away from the show, we have a designated “break area” where you can find a variety of relaxation items.

Especially Everyone _

Custom Sounds & Lights

We make a conscious effort to keep the noise level at a moderate volume and provide hearing protection like earmuffs and ear plugs.

Especially Everyone _ DMH-0038.jpeg

Sound Stations

Explore different sounds and try out new and unique instruments before the show and during breaks.



Our staff and volunteers are sure to be the friendliest people in the room. We’re there to help you have a worry-free and enjoyable experience. Look for our purple “EmployEE” t-shirts!

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