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  • What is Especially Everyone’s mission?
    We believe the three main components of sustained happiness are having a purpose in life, making meaningful human connections, and experiencing authentic joy. ​ We know from our own experiences that music has the power to access all of those simultaneously. ​ Music is a part of being human, and everyone has the ability to express themselves through music.
  • What is ‘The Especially Everyone Experience’?
    Our concerts are immersive and sensory-friendly, featuring creative arrangements and audience participation opportunities to create an inclusive and engaging experience for all. The Especially Everyone Experience is the full-scaled production of our inclusive concert series. This includes: Our 10 piece band: The Especially Everyone Ensemble Sound Stations before the show and during breaks A break area away from the music during the performances Designated staff and volunteers Audience participation!
  • Are the shows really designed for everyone?
    We try our best to set up our concerts so that everyone can experience the music in whatever way is most comfortable for them. We also play many different styles of music, and offer plenty of opportunities for the audience to get involved in the show. We’re always trying to think of ways to make our concerts as accessible and enjoyable as possible, so if you have any ideas about how we can make them better, send us a suggestion!
  • What sensory accommodations are made at the shows?
    We understand that everyone processes sensory information differently, and this can be challenging in a loud area where there are a lot of people. Because of this, we try to do everything we can to make sure that people are able to listen to the music comfortably. This includes: Custom sensory-friendly sound and light design [Volume below 90 db] [Lights at 30%] Complimentary noise-canceling headphones or earplugs Silent Disco technology for fully customizable listening experience Break area away from the music Sensory equipment available Trained Staff and Volunteers Snacks and Drinks available
  • What is the Break Area?
    The Break Area is a space that we designate away from the music, for anyone who needs to step away and take a break for any reason. In the break area, you will find a variety of sensory and relaxation equipment, as well as trained staff and volunteers to help maintain an enjoyable experience.
  • When do the shows start?
    We try to schedule most of our shows on Sundays, and we open the doors around 1:30pm.
  • When do the shows end?
    We try to get everyone home before dinner, usually ending the shows by 5 or 5:30pm.
  • What are ‘Sound Stations’?
    Every ‘Especially Everyone Experience’ begins with our ‘Sound Stations’, which are different instruments and sound experiments that are available for everyone to try before the bands start. It’s a fun way to explore different sounds and instruments you may have never seen before!
  • Who are all of the people in purple shirts?
    All of our volunteers and staff at The Especially Everyone Experience wear a purple shirt so that you can easily find them if you need help or have a question. We call them our ‘EmployEEs’ and they are there to make sure you are comfortable and have a great time!
  • Will there be food and drinks available at the show?
    Depending on the venue, there could be a variety of food and drink options available, but there will always be water and simple snacks available at all Especially Everyone Experience productions.
  • Where can I find out more information about the venue?
    We include information about every venue on our website and post walk through videos in the weeks leading up to the show. This provides audiences with useful information to help prepare themselves and maximize their experience.
  • Are there vendors at the shows?
    At many of our shows, we have like-minded organizations and partners that set up tables and have information to share with our guests. All of the vendors, just like everyone else involved in our productions, are hand chosen and contribute something meaningful to the concert experience.
  • Do I have to pay to get in?
    We like to make our shows available to everyone, so we structure our admission as a suggested donation. We hope that everyone understands the cost of putting on one of these shows and contributes what they can.
  • Do I get to play with the band?
    Everyone in the audience will have many opportunities to get involved in the music at different points throughout the performance. There will be songs to sing, dance moves to learn, and even opportunities for members of the audience to take solos during a song! The Especially Everyone team has been hard at work exploring as many ways as possible to get people to make music.
  • Do I have to participate?
    No one at an Especially Everyone show has to do anything that they do not want to do. We do hope that everyone feels comfortable enough to try new things and step outside of their comfort zone, but that is always your decision to make.
  • Will I know any of the songs?
    Our band plays a mix of covers and original music during the performance. You will probably recognize many familiar songs, and you will learn some new ones too!
  • Can I book the band for another show?
    The Especially Everyone Ensemble is available to play performances of all different scales and settings; including schools, programs, camps, nursing homes, hospitals, and private residences.
  • How can I make a donation to your organization?
    Please click the link to donate.
  • Who are the people at Especially Everyone?
    Learn more about The Team!
  • Who are the musicians in The Especially Everyone Ensemble?
    Learn more about The Band!
  • How can I get involved with Especially Everyone?
    We would love for you to Get Involved! Become a Partner! Become a Sponsor! Become a Volunteer! We also have many vocational and internship opportunities! Send us a message for information about those positions.
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