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Fists in Solidarity

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Especially Everyone is comprised of a collection of people and organizations that come together to create this unique musical experience.

Without these people, we could not do what we do. 

If you're interested in joining our esteemed network of partners and contributing to our shared success, we invite you to fill out the form below to explore partnership opportunities!


Become a Volunteer

Especially Everyone thrives on the collaborative spirit of passionate individuals and organizations like you! We're more than just events; we're a community dedicated to bringing people together through music.


Without the dedication of volunteers like you,

this magic wouldn't be possible.

Join the Especially Everyone family and make your mark on the world, one musical note at a time!

If you're eager to contribute your time and skills to our cause, please fill out the form below to become a valued volunteer member of our community!

Vocational Opportunities & Internships

Are you ready to add your verse to the song?

Join our inclusive community and help us create music that connects hearts and transcends limitations. 


If you're passionate about music and eager to turn your passion into a profession, fill out the form below to explore exciting job opportunities and internships with us!

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